Letter: Obama isn’t to blame for Obamacare failings


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Re: the May 18 letter, “Friend has suffered under Obamacare,” infuriates me. I’m tired of people criticizing Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) from hearsay experience. Yes, maybe your doctor doesn’t accept your selected plan. Blame doctors who refuse to participate in the ACA because of low payouts for services; I believe it’s greed.

Although the number of participating doctors is low, I’ve had no trouble finding decent physicians, labs and medical facilities that accept my ACA insurance plan. Granted, there is too much bureaucracy, but President Barack Obama isn’t to blame.

You need to know what your co-pay is before submitting to ordered tests. It’s written in your policy. Read it. Recently, I had tests for which Jupiter Medical Center told me in advance what my co-pay would be.

Don’t blame Obamacare because you did not read or understand the requirements needed, in advance, for ordered medical tests. I’ve had health insurance policies prior to the ACA and paid huge premiums with huge deductibles out of pocket.

I endured many denials of payout due to the “pre-existing condition” baloney. I know that my out-of-pocket limits will protect me from catastrophe should I need extended medical care.

Blame insurance companies’ greed, and exorbitant billings, not Obama.


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