Letter: Sanders unqualified to lead our military

COLUMBIA, SC - FEBRUARY 24: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) speaks about poverty in South Carolina during a press conference on February 24, 2016 in Columbia, South Carolina. Democrats in South Carolina will go to the polls to select their presidential nominee on February 27. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

How can Bernie Sanders be commander in chief when he was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War? Why was it OK to draft thousands of American men into war, where many died and came back disabled? I’m sure they were scared, too.

My husband had to serve his country; why not Sanders? Is this the man who will make the final decision about sending our children and grandchildren into battle if the occasion arises?


Editor’s note: According to a story on ABC News’ website, Bernie Sanders’ application for conscientious-objector status eventually was rejected. By then, he was too old to serve.

Letter: Pregnancy decision a personal matter

Via Flickr
Via Flickr

As a nonbeliever, I try to follow President Thomas Jefferson’s idea of what doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg shouldn’t bother me. However, two letters on Feb. 11 move me to comment. I don’t really care who can marry who, who marries who, or who bows to what.

However, having spent time in Brazil and the West Indies, I’ve seen the results of the churches’ policy on contraception. A high birth rate of the lower-income groups leads to limited education and opportunities and, at times, hunger.

I had great hope that Pope Francis would be able to change many of the outdated policies, but it appears the Vatican bureaucracy is adamantly against this. Too bad. Free reproductive services should be available to all, both male and female. Let all children be wanted.

There is one main reason for abortion: unwanted pregnancy. I got an unwanted lesson in child-rearing, as my wife died when our son was 10, so I have an idea of the responsibility.

Conception, birth and death are far too important to leave only to political and religious leaders. It should be a personal or family matter, with assistance and guidance as requested.


Letter: Free pot arrestees; lock up real criminals

4637561241_1e496004ea_oRe: the Feb. 16 story “Delray man accused of holding dog fights”: I can’t understand our judicial system. How can someone who had been arrested more than 20 times on felony charges be out on the streets? Whatever happened to the “three-strikes” law?

My suggestion: Release all marijuana offenders, in order to make room for “creatures” who have no compassion and total disregard for life. I would suggest to do the same with all “creatures” who have nothing better to do than kill, rob, rape and molest.

This would save millions of taxpayers dollars, and the real criminals would be locked away for good.

Kudos to the anonymous person that came forward and called the Delray Beach Police Department.


Letter: Good to see PBSO held accountable in Dontrell Stephens case

Greenacres has slowly started merging its 51-member police force with The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

It’s about time the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office was held accountable for one of their deputy’s actions (“Jury faults deputy, PBSO, awards $23.1M”; Feb. 4). Fortunately, the jury saw through the tricks — put on the stand by the attorneys for the sheriff, to no avail.

Sgt. Adams Lin allegedly saw Dontrell Stephens commit a minor traffic violation. As an avid bike rider, I know Lin needs to understand the law. As a bike rider, I have the right to be in the road and ride my bike.

When possible, the rider should be over to the right as far as possible. Depending upon the road, that could cause traffic to go around them, which is required by the law. The bike rider has as much right to be there as the cars.

According to reported testimony, Lin testified he thought the rider was going to drop the bike and run. So what? Let them run; the deputy can confiscate the bike. How sad that ego and power may have cost a man his legs and the life he had.

You see the same thing in the courts, with judges thinking they can do what they want and get away with it — ego and power. Whatever happened to wanting to help people?


Commentary: Sour notes for Suncoast High in Clinton rally performance

The Suncoast Chargers high school band and cheerleaders perform for people waiting in line before entering a rally for Hillary Clinton at the Port of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach on February 15, 2016. (Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post)
The Suncoast Chargers high school band and cheerleaders perform for people waiting in line before entering a rally for Hillary Clinton at the Port of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach on February 15, 2016. (Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post)

What could the principal, band director and cheerleading coach at Suncoast High School have been thinking when they sent students to perform at a Hillary Clinton’s rally?

It’s a clear violation of school district policy to engage in political activity.

Superintendent Robert Avossa has announced an investigation. Reprimands may be in store, maybe even a firing.

The rally on Monday was held at the Port of Palm Beach Cruise Terminal. It featured former president Bill Clinton, subbing for his wife, who was campaigning in Nevada.

The Chargersonic band and cheerleaders helped rev up the crowd of about 600.

Avossa was rightfully firm in saying that, in an election year especially, “we cannot under any circumstance participate either formally or informally in political events.”

It doesn’t appear that the adults involved had a political agenda for the trip, he said.

“(The principal’s) motivation was just letting the kids participate in civics activities,” Avossa said.

It would be one thing if students were to attend a candidate’s rally as an educational exercise. But to be part of the program is entirely inappropriate. The grown-ups should have known better.



What you watch on TV might show which candidate you support

You are what you watch. And what you watch might also point to who you’re supporting in the 2016 presidential election.

Mashable, compiling data from analytics firm Resonate, put together an interactive showing which TV shows each candidates’ supporters were likely to enjoy.


Is Donald Trump your man? You’re likely watching Code Black, Shark Tank (unsurprisingly) and Dancing with the Stars (surprisingly), according to the data. The reality dancing show is also a hit with Sen. Marco Rubio’s supporters, along with Blue Bloods and CSI: Cyber.


Feeling the Bern for Sen. Bernie Sanders? Bob’s Burger, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl are likely part of your line up.

Jeb! Bush’s supporters enjoy The Middle, The Goldbergs and Fresh Off the Boat, which all hit a sweet spot with the voters who would be likely to support his platform: living the American dream in Middle America.


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are more likely to watch Black-ish, Empire, Scandal and The View. These are shows that, while perhaps signaling the historical support the Clintons have received from African American voters, they, more importantly, feature strong, opinionated women and are more likely to appeal to voters who look at voting for Clinton as championing the defeat pf one of the last blockades of American women’s rights: the Oval Office.

Sen. Ted Cruz’s supporters really like the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing, a show they share in common with Rubio’s supporters as well.

Do the shows you watch match up with your favorite candidate?