Letter: PBSO’s ‘(Sheriff Ric Bradshaw) has to go, and go now’

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw in February 2015.(Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post)
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw in February 2015.(Lannis Waters / The Palm Beach Post)

Seth Adams was murdered on his own property by an undercover deputy four years ago (“PBSO agrees to pay $15,000 for not providing data in Seth Adams case,” May 19). This was tragic. The withholding and destruction of evidence is nothing new under Sheriff Ric Bradshaw. I feel for the Adams family and the Corey Jones family and the many other families whose lives have been so damaged because of questionable deputy shootings.

I am a retired Palm Beach County firefighter/medic, and I have worked with many great deputies. But, seeing how Bradshaw runs the show disgusts me. He has to go, and go now.


Letter: Understand Obamacare before complaining about Obamacare

doctor_stockI am tired of reading letters from people who have not educated themselves on Obamacare. Have we come to the point that all we do is complain instead of educating ourselves on the issue (“Friend has suffered under Obamacare,” May 18)? If the woman lost her primary-care doctor, she should have called the Healthcare Exchange immediately, and they would have switched her to another plan.

It happened to us last year and to a friend recently. The friend switched doctors (because hers dropped off of the plan) on the phone in less than 30 minutes. We switched last year because my husband’s cardiologist dropped off of our plan.

Does the law need work? Yes. Can some things be fixed? Yes. But we need to educate ourselves before we mouth off continually about the Affordable Care Act. Knowledge is power, and perhaps we need more of that.


Letter: Donald Trump’s bragging an insult to his wife, Melania


donald melania trump at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida
Donald and Melania Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach. (Lee Hershfield/Palm Beach Daily News file photo)

I have been reading and hearing about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s questionable escapades, especially regarding the women who have come and gone in his career and personal life.

The man is so distasteful that I, as a politics and news freak, turn off the TV every time his image appears. However, the latest episode of this Trump telenovela has touched me in an unexpected manner. Imagine the humiliation that Trump’s wife, Melania, must feel as reports and testimonials appear in the press about his sexual trysts.

The disrespect that he has demonstrated towards his female employees and his “dates,” bragging about his sexual prowess, must certainly create a sense of shame and self-doubt for his wife.

I don’t know much about Melania Trump, but she is a woman, a wife and a mother, and I imagine that she must feel embarrassed and wounded by her husband’s philandering behavior. Money and social position can never make up for such inexcusable comportment.


Letter: Military hand salute is OK at all events

saluteTo All American veterans: A grateful Congress has extended a special privilege to you and all 20 million American veterans: the right to render your military hand salute at the flag and national-anthem ceremony of every graduation/football/basketball/public event.

Beginning Monday, Memorial Day, stand tall and render your military salute as you did when you wore your nation’s uniform. Do it for all of those vets who are no longer with us; do it for all serving our nation today; and for our future vets. Your salute is an act of patriotism that will enrich our national flag traditions for generations to come.


Letter: Why do the rest of us have to deal with your dog?

Via Dogster
Via Dogster

When did the dog become our new king? It seems that you can’t go anywhere without having to be confronted with somebody’s “baby,” i.e., their dog. I can’t tell you how many times I go to restaurants and bars where I have to put up with some dog sniffing me, licking me, begging or just plain invading my space.

And amazingly, most owners don’t see that Fido is being a nuisance. They just smile and beam at how their dog is just so friendly. But just because you think your animal is some kind of wonder pet doesn’t mean it’s true. Most dogs are just plain, well, stupid. They don’t care about you; they just want to be a dog.

And I’m not talking about legitimate service dogs. They really do earn their pay. But even that’s becoming a joke. How many times have you seen somebody with a “service dog” that is clearly only there as a prop and not for any real service? It’s not just restaurants, either. Now it’s grocery stores, the mall, the green market, etc.

No place is “sacred” anymore.

Whenever I see places that allow dogs, I steer clear. I don’t go out to be annoyed, and there are still places where you can dine and not be mauled by “man’s best friend.” But who knows how long that will last? And now, the dog lovers are after the beaches. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they go to the dogs, too.

Please save us from the dogs, but mostly, save us from their owners. If your dog is so important to you, great. Stay home and chase cars together.


Letter: Why are tips based on the price of the meal?

Via Wikimedia Commons
Via Wikimedia Commons

No, I am not a pathetic tipper. I leave a 20 percent tip based upon the charge before coupon discounts (“Hey, discount diner! Are you a pathetic tipper?” May 21).

You have stated that a tip is the diner’s acknowledgement of the server’s effort, while suggesting that the tip should be determined by the price of the meal.

How do you reconcile the difference in the amount of the gratuity when I have been provided with similar service for an egg-salad sandwich as the person at the next table who dined on an expensive sirloin steak?


Letter: Roomier seats? How about eating fewer snacks?

Via Wikimedia.
Via Wikimedia

I was a bit confused reading the article regarding theater renovations in Palm Beach Gardens (“Cobb Theatre in Gardens plans to add roomier seats,” May 14). Are the facts not evident? If roomier seats are needed, perhaps we should be asking, “Why?”

The first thing you see when entering a movie theater is food. Not just food — but calorie-laden, preservative-packed foods. Do people really need to eat while watching movies? No.

Americans are becoming larger because of the unhealthy options that are constantly in front of them. We are a country addicted to “instant gratification,” and most people will act on their impulses. Not only will the price of admission be increasing as a result of the renovations but, indirectly, so will health care costs.


Commentary: Billionaire Bill Koch makes good on “exhaustive investigation” into Oxbridge

Bill Koch
Bill Koch

Give it to Bill Koch. The Palm Beach billionaire made good on his pledge to undertake “an exhaustive investigation” into allegations that his elite Oxbridge Academy was, behind the scenes, an oppressive place to work, rife with firings, high turnover, accusations of sexual harassment and a dispiriting swing from academics to athletics.

On Friday, Koch announced that CEO Robert Parsons had been asked to step down and that athletics director Craig Sponsky  and football coach Doug Socha will be gone by fall.

Parsons and Sponsky have been on paid leave since April, amid an investigation by Post reporter Tony Doris. At the same time, Koch ordered an investigation by a team that included an ex-FBI agent, a forensic accountant and the school’s employment law firm.

The move had to be painful for Koch, who personally selected Parsons to open the West Palm Beach school, which he founded in 2011. As Doris wrote:

Koch hand-picked Parsons to open the school, luring him with a compensation package that totaled $1,138,156 in 2012, including residence in a Wellington house rented for him by Oxbridge Academy Foundation, Inc. The most recent federal filings by the nonprofit school listed Parsons’ compensation as $694,540 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Nationally, the median base salary for a head of a school that belongs to the National Association of Independent Schools was $230,000 in 2015-16.

The school’s bookstore manager, Ulle Boshko, had also been placed on paid leave when Parsons and Sponsky were. She had alleged that she had been demoted from comptroller to bookshop manager because she had refused Parson’s advances. Koch had said Boshko was placed on leave “because she’s the source of a lot of these allegations.” There was no immediate word Friday on whether she would be reinstated.

Koch, whose father Fred C. Koch founded Koch Industries, a business empire based on oil refineries, estimates he has invested $75 million to $100 million to make Oxbridge — its name a mashup of the famed British universities Oxford and Cambridge — into one of the nation’s best schools. Tuition is $31,000 per school year, though many students receive financial aid as part of Koch’s desire to foster a diverse student body.

Sometimes called the “other Koch brother,” he has a history of feuds with his siblings David and Charles Koch, who have become famous as politically active bankrollers of conservative causes. Bill Koch’s own politics appear more mixed: he has given money to Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bill Nelson as well as the Republican Party of Florida and 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Letter: Obama isn’t to blame for Obamacare failings

Via Pexels

Re: the May 18 letter, “Friend has suffered under Obamacare,” infuriates me. I’m tired of people criticizing Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) from hearsay experience. Yes, maybe your doctor doesn’t accept your selected plan. Blame doctors who refuse to participate in the ACA because of low payouts for services; I believe it’s greed.

Although the number of participating doctors is low, I’ve had no trouble finding decent physicians, labs and medical facilities that accept my ACA insurance plan. Granted, there is too much bureaucracy, but President Barack Obama isn’t to blame.

You need to know what your co-pay is before submitting to ordered tests. It’s written in your policy. Read it. Recently, I had tests for which Jupiter Medical Center told me in advance what my co-pay would be.

Don’t blame Obamacare because you did not read or understand the requirements needed, in advance, for ordered medical tests. I’ve had health insurance policies prior to the ACA and paid huge premiums with huge deductibles out of pocket.

I endured many denials of payout due to the “pre-existing condition” baloney. I know that my out-of-pocket limits will protect me from catastrophe should I need extended medical care.

Blame insurance companies’ greed, and exorbitant billings, not Obama.


Letter: Thank you to the gentlemen who paid for our dinner

Via Wikimedia Commons
Via Wikimedia Commons

Nice people do exist. We would like to acknowledge a pleasant experience at a recent dinner at a restaurant. We sat next to a table occupied by two men.

We exchanged a few pleasantries with them and had an enjoyable meal. The two men left, and when we asked for our bill, we were informed that it had been taken care of by the two. We never had an opportunity to thank them, and obviously, they didn’t expect to be thanked. We hope they read this letter. Thank you.